Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zesty Turkey Tostadas

1/4 lb ground turkey
Frozen chopped onions
4 Mission EXTRA THIN yellow corn tortillas
Taco Seasoning
2/3 cup Weight Watchers Mexican Shredded Cheese
Taco Sauce
3 tbsp Light Sour Cream
Shredded Lettuce
1/2 cup refried beans

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Cook ground turkey and onions in skillet. Add taco seasoning. 
Place tortillas directly on oven rack and bake for 5 minutes.
Top tortillas with refried beans, turkey, cheese, rotel, taco sauce, lettuce, and sour cream.

You can have all of this for 14 WW points! The EXTRA THIN tortillas are the key, though! They have 1 point per tortilla and are SOOOOO good! We've had this meal 3 times so far! LOVE it.

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Blondie said...

These look fabulous! I love your blog too cute! I found you through Twitter and am following you now! Kori xoxo