Friday, February 19, 2010

An Award!!!!

Sweet Lindsay at Lindsay's Kitchen gave Piece of Cake recipes its first award! Thanks so much! I am thrilled!

This award has a little questionnaire about me! Here we go:

(1) Your Cell Phone? Blackberry

(2) Your Hair? Blonde

(3) Your Mother? Passionate

(4) Your Father? Hardworking

(5) Your Favorite Food? Mexican

(6) Your Dream Last Night? School

(7) Your Favorite Drink? DC

(8) Your Dream/Goal? Motherhood

(9) What Room Are You In? Living Room

(10) Your Hobby? Blogging

(11) Your Fear? Death

(12) Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? Family

(13) Where Were You Last Night? Home

(14) Something That You Aren't? Unhappy

(15) Muffins? Blueberry

(16) Wish List Item? House

(17) Where Did You Grow Up? Collierville

(18) Last Thing You Did? Olympics

(19) What Are You Wearing? Pajamas

(20) Your TV? On

(21) Your Pets? Fiona

(22) Friends? hubby

(23) Your Life? Good

(24) Your Mood? Tired

(25) Missing Someone? Family

(26) Vehicle? Volvo

(27) Something You Aren't Wearing? Shoes

(28) Your Favorite Store? Target

(29) Your Favorite Color? Turquoise

(30) When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Today

(31) Last Time You Cried? Yesterday

(32) Your Best Friend? Trey

(33) One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Kroger

(34) Facebook? Ugh...

(35) Favorite Place To Eat? Chuy's

And this award goes to...

From Our Kitchen to Yours--I've gotten some great recipe ideas from here! It's awesome and so helpful!

Wearing Gackey's Apron--LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog. She has the best ideas!

June Cleaver Cooking Club-- This blog is such a cute idea. She gets people to send their recipe ideas in and posts them! There's some great recipes on there!

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Meredith said...

Thanks for the award!! I can't wait to look at your blog - love the design!! :)