Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restaurant Style Margaritas

1 Can Frozen Limeade
Triple Sec
1 Bottle of beer (I used Blue Moon, but you can use whatever kind you prefer.)

Add Limeade to blender. Using the empty limeade can fill it with 2/3 tequila and 1/3 triple sec. Add to blender. Add LOTS of ice. Blend to desired consistency.
AFTER you have blended it, add the bottle of beer. DO NOT blend after you have added the beer. It will be a mess.
Now, you are ready to enjoy! Pour them into salt rimmed glasses and you will smile!

Recipe from Meg at Whatever


I'm just the MOM said...

I love margaritas! Add beer? definitely will try this!
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Christy said...

Following now from FF! I just made a margarita cupcake this week, together we practically have a meal. ;o) Looking forward to exploring your recipes!

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even-star said...

Can't get the frozen juice over here in the UK! But considering it would make margaritas so easy that might be a good thing. Found you at FMF at trendy tree house. Hope you stop by. http://thedinnerfortwoproject.blogspot.com

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Brianne said...

I love margaritas, just don't get to drink them all that often!!

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Mhel said...

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